Welcome to Oaken Acres Wildlife Center. Founded in 1984 by Kathy Stelford, Oaken Acres has taken in more than 11,000 wild animals since it opened. Located on 33 acres of wildlife habitat in rural DeKalb County, Illinois, the property is set aside as a wildlife refuge, incorporating conservation acreage, woodlands, riparian habitat and natural grasslands.

Oaken Acres has a couple of slogans that pretty much tell our story – Every Life Matters and Saving Wildlife, One Heartbeat at a Time. We do not judge which animals are worthy of being saved. If they are orphaned or hurt – they deserve a second chance. Mice are just as special in their own way as foxes. Sparrows fill a niche just like owls. They can all suffer and they all deserve compassion.

While wildlife rehabbers are dedicated to saving as many wild babies as possible, they are equally dedicated to making certain that healthy babies remain with their wild mothers. Our goal of keeping these wild families together is our top priority. While we can't do as good a job in raising the babies as Mother Nature, if they are injured or orphaned we promise to do our best.

Inspiring others to foster compassion and respect for wildlife is part of our duty as wildlife rehabilitators. We hope our site will inspire you to never turn your back on a wild animal that needs help. Please visit our site often and join us by making a donation to Oaken Acres. With your help, wildlife services for our communities will continue to grow and improve.

For all the latest News and upcoming events here at Oaken Acres, be sure to check out our News & Events page frequently!

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