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Oaken Acres enjoys some truly wonderful relationships with other professionals and businesses. We’d like to take this opportunity to introduce you to a few of them. Please consider them when you’re in need of the type of services that they offer. Oaken Acres appreciates their help so that we can provide wildlife services for our communities.

Wildlife Center Partners

Oaken Acres has a network of local wildlife rehabilitation centers that we partner with depending on what animals need care. Sometimes Oaken Acres has better resources for a certain species and sometimes one of these centers below are better suited to ensuring that a wild animal gets the help it needs. Many times, if a center has only one, lone orphan of a species, like with a coyote pup, it’s much better to contact other centers so that a companion can be found and the orphan can be raised with another of its kind. These relationships serve our patients best and we’re proud of our network of providers.

Fox Valley Wildlife Center

Hoo Haven Wildlife Rehabilitation and Education Center


Willowbrook Wildlife Center

Business Partners

prairie view
Prairie View Animal Hospital
Dr. Diemer, Dr. Emmert, and the entire staff at Prairie View Animal Hospital is happy to support Oaken Acres in their efforts to help injured and orphaned wildlife. The extraordinary efforts by Kathy Stelford and the volunteer staff at Oaken Acres demonstrate exceptional care and concern for the wildlife of DeKalb County and have led to the rehabilitation of thousands of animals in need.

hagg press

Hagg Press
Hagg Press is a proud supporter of our friend Kathy Stelford and her organization, Oaken Acres Wildlife Center. There is no greater good in this world than in those who dedicate their lives to helping others. Even if the “others” are furry, have beaks, long tails, antlers or feathers! We are humbled by the work they do and are honored to be associated with them and their cause. Good luck and keep doing what you do! –Adam Hagg, Hagg Press (on behalf of our entire staff)

Trittenhaus Design
It's simple why we support Oaken Acres - because every life DOES matter. Animals inhabited our planet long before we did. The majority of animals that find their way to Oaken Acres have been injured by human-related circumstances - hit by cars, entangled in fences, etc. Therefore it's OUR responsibility to give them the care they need. Whether it's a squirrel, a raccoon or an eagle, it's a living, breathing soul that deserves a chance.

TechPro is committed to preserving wildlife and is happy to suport the extraordinary work that Oaken Acrews performs on a daily basis.

Hiatt & Moen, Certified Public Accountants

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