About Us     { Mission }

Oaken Acres Wildlife Center is a NFP organization licensed to rehabilitate native Illinois wildlife.  We advocate for wildlife through community education and conservation.

To forward our mission we will:

  • We have provided care for injured and orphaned wild animals for over 30 years and focus on releasing them into their natural environment.
  • We are stewards of our resources focusing on the respect of wildlife, their habitats, and the preservation of flora and fauna that dwell within those habitats.
  • We cultivate support from communities that benefit from our mission

Our Core Values

Oaken Acres core values are based on the premise that EVERY LIFE MATTERS. Oaken Acres does not discriminate; based on the public perception of good and bad animals (i.e. predator vs. prey, pretty vs. ugly). We teach a fundamental truth: that every species has a valuable role in the ecosystem of which we are a part. Oaken Acres accepts any wild animal native to Illinois that it is capable of caring for regardless of species, age, size or difficulty.

We believe that euthanasia has a role in wildlife rehabilitation. Every attempt will be made to save the life of every animal brought to us. We have always and will continue to adopt a “no kill” policy for any treatable animal. The exceptions would include: extremely serious injuries that are not repairable or would cause lifelong pain; if they pose a hazard to the rest of the population at the center or in the wild; their quality of life, even if placement at a nature center is possible, is vitally compromised; federal or state regulations prohibit treatment or placement.

Oaken Acres conservation efforts have in the past, and will continue, to center on the 33-acre site that houses its center of operations. The center has caging areas that provide a safe environment for the orphaned and injured animals to recuperate. Once these animals have been successfully rehabilitated they are released into preservation areas that are native to the species, thus encouraging a more healthy wildlife population.

Our education efforts will mainly focus on teaching children and adults to embrace respect and compassion for all living beings. It is our belief that a natural byproduct of that education is a society that has more self respect; self respect being the well from which all other forms of respect flow. The second but equally important effort is to foster an understanding that we are tenants of the ecosystem and, as such, should be respectful of that which we are blessed to be a part.

Oaken Acres will encourage individuals and communities to embrace wildlife and the habitat for our generation and generations to follow. Wildlife can become a nuisance when it infringes on public health and safety, but mild nuisance problems do have humane solutions. Oaken Acres is committed to offering those solutions to the public.

While fundraising is important, it does not influence policy or procedures at Oaken Acres. No one donor (or group of donors) will have the ability to change the adopted philosophical or operational tenants of the organization. We will remain committed to offering solutions that encourage and enhance harmonious and respectful coexistence between man and nature. We will always seek to offer the most effective and humane treatment of animals while respecting the rights of society to be secure and healthy. To these ends we are solemnly committed. We welcome participation and support in sweat equity and/or monetary contributions. We invite you to come and be touched by nature.

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