FAQ    { Nuisance }

How do I keep rabbits away from my plants/veggie garden. What works best?

The only true defense is a fence, tall enough not to be jumped over. Really determined rabbits will tunnel under. You may have some success with a soap mixture of 3 tbls each cayenne pepper, Tabasco sauce and dish soap in one gallon of water. Unfortunately, it has to be applied frequently, daily if you are truly in love with the plant. Sometimes, once a plant gets more mature, it is not as tasty and the rabbits will leave it alone.

Do I need to worry about the opossum, chipmunk, skunk, raccoon, etc., that seems to what to live under my deck? What should I do?

Depending on the time of year, there are different, humane solutions. During nesting season, usually March-September for most mammals, learning to live with your visitors is the kindest solution. If they aren’t causing any destruction, leave them alone to raise their babies. Once you know the babies are old enough to be out of the nest or den with the mother, you may want to try to exclude them from getting back in. For most animals, light and noise are the best deterrents. Using a trouble light (a strobe light is even more effective), try to light up their den to annoy them. Leaving a transistor radio on 24 hours a day, tuned to a talk radio station is another thing that will annoy them. If getting rid of them is your goal, once again, please try to accept their presence if they have babies. If the light and noise don’t get them to leave, go to Living with Wildlife in Illinois or The Hune Society for more ideas.

What does a "wildlife removal" person do with the animal?

He finds them homes in the country, right? Almost all nuisance wildlife removal companies do not use humane methods nor do they take the trapped animal to the woods to release it. It’s an ugly situation but common methods of “removal” involve clubbing or drowning to death, suffocating the animal by putting in a container and hooking it up to the car exhaust. I’m not going to go into more gory methods but, rest assured, that animal you thought was such a nuisance? Once you call a removal service, it will probably be killed. It is not cost effective for these services to take the animals to release sites or find alternatives for them. There is almost always a humane solution for a wildlife nuisance problem.

It's daylight and a big raccoon is walking thru my backyard. Is it sick?

Not necessarily. Sometimes they get frightened from their den or the tree they live in has come down. If it’s moving normally and looks uninjured, leave it alone. If it appears to be dazed, trancelike, or obviously injured, keep an eye on it and call a rehabber. Do not try to capture an adult animal without getting professional advice first. You may also see foxes and coyotes running about during the day especially in late spring when they have a fulltime job finding food for their litters. I found an injured animal on the side of the road.

What should I do?

If the animal is an adult, get professional advice BEFORE you attempt to rescue it. Wild animals, even badly injured ones, can be extremely aggressive and dangerous. Call a rehabber and explain the circumstances and the type of injury you can observe and follow their advice.

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