Things will be ramping up at Oaken Acres and we need your help. A wonderful Oaken Acres friend left a bequest to us that will take care of part of the cost of rehabbing our machine shed. Yes, we will be rehabbing at least one thing that isn’t a baby wild animal! This new treatment center will be dedicated to another great friend of Oaken Acres – George Balster, DVM – the best friend my patients ever had.

Many of you know that George passed away a few years ago and we want his wildlife legacy to live on. This will be the George Balster Wildlife Hospital at Oaken Acres. We are asking you to make a special gift to commemorate George and the new treatment center. Any donation of $500 or more will be acknowledged on a plaque. Oaken Acres hasn’t asked for much from its donors in the past several years but now we are. We hope you seriously consider contributing to the future of better services for our wildlife and our communities. All our little guys deserve the best we can do to give them a second chance.

Would you like to name a room or area in the building? Buy a piece of equipment?

  • Reception – Will include caging for a small number of educational animals - $5,000
  • Medical – For treatment of injured animals - $4,000
  • Food Preparation – Modified kitchen area - $3500
  • Baby mammals - $2500
  • Waterfowl – WATERPROOF housing - $2000
  • Baby birds - $1500
  • Washer/dyrer - $1200
  • Incubators - $500 each
All donors will receive an invitation to the Open House on July 15 to view the plans for the new hospital AND an invitation to the grand opening in spring of 2013! Oaken Acres has cared for more than 11,000 wild orphans and injured wildlife since 1984. With your investment in our future, thousands more will be helped. This is a very serious plea and I appreciate your consideration.


We have several projects that people/groups can do to help OA that doesn’t involve hands-on animal care. A lot of these are woodworking – building birdhouses to raise money, build nesting boxes for us to use to relocate animals, building cage accessories for our patients.

Below are the layouts and details of the desired construction.
You can download a larger version HERE.


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